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Resources downloads (legacy)

This page is the former version of the Resources Downloads page. Click here to access the new page.

This is is the download section for developers, integrators and project managers. You will find resources for integrating the TrustBuilder MFA solution to your environment.

mAccess SDK

Below are the SDKs you can use to integrate the MFA feature into your mobile app:

mAccess SDK for Android - Download library 0.2.17 | Download code samples | Documentation

mAccess SDK for iOS - Download library 0.2.19 | Download code samples | Documentation

IWDS (Directory sync)

IWDS v.2.5.0 - Download | Documentation

TrustBuilder Windows Logon

(formerly inWebo Windows Logon)

This feature is subject to commercial license. Contact TrustBuilder for more information.

TrustBuilder Windows Logon v.1.4.1 - Download | Documentation


ADFS 3.0 / 4.0 connector 1.4.8 version - Download | Documentation

TrustBuilder Authenticator app 

TrustBuilder Authenticator app - TrustBuilder website
Standard end-user setup

TrustBuilder Authenticator 6.32.2 for Windows (msi) - Download | Documentation
For automated deployment

exe and msi installers use different installation paths, so upgrading exe to msi or the other way around will not keep your users' enrollments. We recommend that you keep the same installation method (EXE or MSI) for deploying upgrades.

New TrustBuilder Authenticator 6.32 for Linux - Download | Documentation

See Authenticator app release notes

LDAP Proxy by TrustBuilder

LDAP Proxy 1.6.1 - Download for Windows x64 | Download for Linux x64 | Documentation

inWebo domain SSL certificate / certificate Pinning domain SSL certificate - Download (Expires soon)
(December 20, 2022 - December 20, 2023) domain SSL certificate - Download (Waiting deployment)
(October 23, 2023 - November 22, 2024)

WSDL file

.WSDL file - Download


Open Source resources on GitHub

Visit the TrustBuilder repository on GitHub to see our open source resources (scripts, API developments kits…).

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