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Release Notes

The following page refers to releases. Please, see Releases FAQ to know more.

Note that the TrustBuilder MFA release notes are temporarily available in an other documentation site. See the Release notes of TrustBuilder MFA


November 28, 2023 in preview

  • Admin Portal > added pagination to user profiles overview

  • Identity Manager > improved the behavior of user profiles creation with required custom attributes

  • Bug fixes


We will deploy TrustBuilder 11.2.14 in Production environment. A TrustBuilder Admin portal downtime is scheduled on November 28 at 16:00 GMT+1.

November 28, 2023

  • Identity Manager > now allows to add custom top-level attributes to user profiles

  • Admin portal > improved JSON mode switching behavior

  • Admin Portal and Self-Service Portal > improved the returned error messages in persona editor

  • APIs > changed the base URL of TrustBuilder.IO API (preview and production environments) - More information

  • Bug fixes


October 26, 2023

  • Admin Portal > improved the behavior after deleting a persona definition

  • Admin Portal > IP ranges can now be added to Admin Portal access restrictions

  • Self-Service Portal > now allows to edit email and username

  • Bug fixes


October 7, 2023

  • Policy editor > now supports the entire range of attributes

  • Admin Portal and Self-Service Portal > now allows to search for an attribute when adding a filter

  • Fixes a refresh token issue relative to PKCE Authorization grant

  • Bug fixes


October 5, 2023

  • Admin Portal > Improve user administration screens

  • Identity Manager > Event on persona deletion

  • Policy Engine now supports the use of persona attributes

  • Bug fixes


August 31, 2023

  • Identity Manager > API now allows to add custom attributes at top-level

  • Bug fixes


July 19, 2023

  • Admin Portal > Native integration of TrustBuilder MFA

  • Identity Manager > Native bi-directional synchronization with TrustBuilder MFA

  • Identity Manager > Users > auto-provisioning of roles to TrustBuilder MFA based on Administrator Persona

  • Admin Portal > Policy > now allows to create a rule while editing a policy

  • Admin Portal > Rule > now allows deletion of an expressions

  • Admin Portal > filtering is now case-insensitive

  • Admin Portal > has restructured menu

  • Bug fixes


July 6, 2023

  • Admin Portal > Access Flows now allows policies to be linked

  • Admin Portal > Identity Providers now includes AppleID configuration

  • Policy Engine now protects against accidental deletion of policies that are in use

  • Admin Portal > Policies now allows rules to be created while adding it to a policy

  • Admin Portal > Policies now allows policies and rules to contain a description

  • Admin Portal > Rules now supports has_value and is_empty in visual mode

  • Hosted Login tb-login now allows forgot-password to be linked to external systems, e.g. other IAM


May 23, 2023

  • Identity Manager introduces PATCH for deletion of attributes

  • Admin Portal > Policies now allows the rules to be combined visually

  • Admin Portal > Policies now provides more guidance in JSON editor

  • Admin Portal now shows the version number of the tenant


May 9, 2023

  • Admin Portal > Rules allows obligations to be added in visual mode

  • Admin Portal > Rules allows equals and not_equals expression in visual mode

  • Admin Portal > Users allows the filtering to be reset

  • Policy Engine now uses the term DENY_OVERRIDES instead of ORDERED_DENY_OVERRIDES

  • Hosted Login now supports Swedish, French, and German

  • TB.Connect bug fixes in SAML and OIDC handlers


April 27, 2023

  • Policy Engine introduces the elem_match operator in rule expressions and renames deny_overrides

  • Session Manager enforces status, valid_from and valid_till during persona selection

  • Identity Manager enables attribute deletion and persona attribute setting through the PATCH endpoint

  • Hosted Login adds support for Swedish, French, German

  • Admin Portal > Users allows sorting by any column

  • Admin Portal and Self-Service Portal show the scope on the persona tile

  • Bug fixes

  • Security fix in Self-Service Portal


April 12, 2023

  • Hosted Login enables language selection

  • Hosted Login defaults to user_name if given_name and family_name or not set

  • Admin Portal enables user list to be sorted

  • Admin Portal enables scope of a persona to be edited

  • Admin Portal resolves concurrent user editing conflicts between multiple users admins

  • Bug fixes


March 29, 2023

  • Extends Identity Management API with PATCH endpoints on user and persona

  • Adds filtering by custom attributes to user overview

  • Shows updated_at and created_at in the user overview

  • Prevents that Persona definitions contain duplicate attributes or undefined attributes

  • Extends the Policy Engine language with not, not_equals, not_in, older_than, not_older_than

  • Relaxes uniqueness constraint on attribute displayname to uniqueness per category

  • TB.Connect:

    • Extends the Application Catalogue with any OAuth2 SP

    • Receives session information with HTTP 200 response from Session Manager

    • Fixed issue with missing claims after token exchange

  • Bug fixes


March 13, 2023

  • Extends the Policy Engine rule expression language with $session.persona

  • Session Manager provides an endpoint to store persona selection

  • Allows description and metadata to be added to policies and rules

  • Allows policy name to be changed in the visual editor

  • Allows customization of the persona selection screen

  • Adds filtering by native attributes to user overview

  • Enhances the login screen to make self-registration configurable

  • Renames the attribute member_of into entitlements

  • Publishes event on event bus at “add/update tenant”

  • Auto-creates a TB.Connect instance when creating a new tenant in

  • Bug fixes


February 14, 2023

  • Introduces persona selection in Session Lifecycle Management without login/logout

  • Extends Policy Engine API and Admin Portal with “delete policy” and “delete rule”

  • Extends Policy Engine rule expression language

  • Adds managed id_at_customer to the user profile at top level

  • Self-Service Portal enables password manager to autofill password

  • Self-Service Portal makes registration an optional button on login screen

  • Publishes event on event bus at “add/update persona” and “update user”

  • Enables TB.Connect to support automated provisioning triggered through events

  • Enables TB.Connect to handle persona obligation

  • Improves error reporting

  • Bug fixes


February 3, 2023

  • Introduces Policy Administration Point with XACML-based declarative language

  • Introduces Session Lifecycle Management

  • Introduces authentication driven by declarative policies

  • Introduces authentication obligations as acr and amr

  • Admin Portal Enables “get, add, change policy” and “get, add, change, find, reorder rule”

  • Introduces Rule Library

  • Extends Policy Engine API with “get, add, change policy” and “get, add, change rule”

  • Extends Policy Engine API with “reorder rules” and “add existing rule”

  • Extends Identity Manager API with “delete persona”

  • Admin Portal Improves persona admin section and adds paging to user overview

  • Self-Service Portal introduces storybook for UX customization

  • Self-Service Portal extends search capability

  • Self-Service Portal sets CDN URL via template variables on Hosted Login

  • Self-Service Portal extends Web Components for Lazy Migration

  • Self-Service Portal adds translation-key model to Web Components

  • TB.Connect synchronizes start, continue and end sessions with Session Manager

  • Enables TB.Connect to handle acr and amr obligation

  • Improves error reporting for tenant manager

  • Bug fixes


January 12, 2022

  • Identity Manager becomes the master in user management and makes TB.Connect the slave

  • Identity Manager publishes event on event bus on “add user”

  • Bug fixes


December 19, 2022

  • Extends Identity Manager API with “get persona by attribute”

  • Bug fixes


October 7, 2022

  • Introduces Persona Lifecycle Management

  • Adds API and enables Admin Portal to “get, add, change, delete a persona definition”

  • Adds API and enables Admin Portal to “get, add, change persona”

  • Extends API and enables Admin Portal with “get user by attribute”

  • Extends API and enables Admin Portal with “list and filter user profiles”

  • Enables custom attributes to be added to a persona type

  • Enables TB.Connect to use Persona attributes in Access Flows

  • Bug fixes


July 15, 2022

  • Introduces Identity Management on top of credentials management in TB.Connect

  • Adds API to “get, add, change user profile”

  • Adds API to “get, add, change, delete attribute definition”

  • Adds Tenant Management API to “create tenant”

  • Adds Configuration Management API to “configure tenant”

  • Admin Portal and Self-Service Portal introduces the use of Web Components

  • Admin Portal enables “get, add, change user profile” and “list and filter user profiles”

  • Enables TB.Connect to use User Profile attributes in Access Flows

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