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Pulse Connect Secure SAML configuration


Downloading inWebo SAML 2.0 metadata for your service  

  • Connect to you inWebo Service Administration console

  • Add a SAML 2.O connector in your administration console for your service.

  • Ignore the “Service provider” configuration and ADD the connector without any settings

  • Edit the SAML 2.0 connector Settings, with the “Pencil” icon.

  • Download inWebo Idp SAML 2.0 metadata in XML format

Configuring the Connect Secure appliance

Pulse Secure system configuration

Open your Connect Secure administration console,
in the top menu, select SYSTEM > configuration > SAML

FQDN settings Pulse Secure settings

First select "Settings"

Provide your Host FQDN designation

Then click "Save Changes" and after click on "Update Entity Ids"

Creating a new Metadata provider

Return to the "SAML" configuration panel and select "New Metadata Provider"

Fill the Metadata informations:

Select "Remote"  and give your inWebo Metadata Address (or Local and provide the XML file you download from the inWebo administration console )

  • Check "Accept Unsigned Metadata"

  • Check "Identity Provider" as role

Then Click "Save Changes"

Creating a SAML Authentication Server

in the top menu, select Authentication > Auth. Servers >

On the Authentication servers page, at the top of the page select : "SAML Server" in the drop down list and click on "New Server..."

On the New SAML Server page:

Filling Authentication server information:

For the first part : 

  • Fill the Server Name

  • Check "Metadata" as configuration mode

  • And select the preconfigured inWebo Metadata IDP

For the second part:

  • if not selected, select inWebo certificate  ""

  • Select the SP Metadata Validity time in days for your service (999)

  • Click on "Save Changes"

  • Open the new server you  just have created, and go to the bottom of the page

  • Click on "Download Metadata" to download the metadata of your Secure access. (previously grayed out)

Creating your Secure Access / Private portal

Creating the User Realm for this portal

in the top menu, select Users > User Realms > New User Realm...

  • Select your user Realm or create a new one and fill his Name

  • And select the inWebo server you created as Authentication

  • If you use a User directory/Attribute select an LDAP (here Active Directory)

Click "Save Changes"


Please Do not forget complete the "Role mapping" of this inWebo "User Realm" to enable the access you want to your ressources.

Creating the Private portal

Creating a New URL for your private portal

Select "New URL..."

  • Fill the path of your authentication portal

  • Check "User picks from a list of authentication realms"

  • Select the Realm of your users

Click on "Save Changes"

Completing inWebo SAML connector configuration

Uploading Pulse SP metadata

On the inWebo SAML 2.0 configuration connector, 
Copy/paste the XML SP metadata you downloaded from your Pulse Secure, when creating the SAML Authentication server:


Click Update

In the connector Options section
Select : 

  • Enable SSo : NO

  • NameIDFormat: Persistent

  • NameID value (NameIDAttribute):User login 

Create an inWebo Secure Site

On Secure Site tab click "Add a Secure Site of type ..." and choose from the list the SAML 2.0 connector you just created.

Choose a name and configure "Called URL" to be your "Pulse inWebo URL" configured above.

Testing the SAML access

You service will be available at the address identified as shown above "Called URL": 

You should be automatically forwarded to inWebo for Authentication before accessing your service.

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