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Migrating from Authenticator 4 to Authenticator 6

This documentation is intended for Authentication 4 application users.

Authenticator 4 application is no longer supported on recent versions of operating systems. The current Authenticator app that we recommend installing is Authenticator 6.

To migrate from Authenticator 4 to Authenticator 6, please read the following instructions.

For the following procedure, we consider that you are an active user of the Authenticator 4 application, meaning that you have a service running with enrolled devices.

  • If the authentication mode for your service is set to “Without PIN”, please contact your inWebo administrator.

  • If you have reached the limit of allowed activated devices, please contact your inWebo administrator.

  • If you have downloaded but never used the Authenticator 4 application, we recommend you to uninstall the Authenticator 4 application. You should download the updated version, the Authenticator 6 application, from an app store.

How to migrate from Authenticator 4 to Authenticator 6?

  • Step 1: Download the Authenticator 6 application directly from an app store. To use Authenticator 6, you need an activation code.

  • Step 2: Generate an activation code:

    • Launch the Authenticator 4 application.

    • Select “Enroll another device” from the menu.

    • Enter your PIN and click on “Generate”.

    • Copy or write down the activation code.

  • Step 3: Activate Authenticator 6 application (first time use)

    • Launch the Authenticator 6 application.

    • Read and accept the Privacy Policy Agreement.

    • Paste or enter the previously generated activation code.

    • Enter your PIN to access your service in the Authenticator 6 application.

  • Step 4: You should now uninstall Authenticator 4 application from your device. The migration from Authenticator 4 to Authenticator 6 is successful.

To know more about using Authenticator 6, please refer to the “inWebo Authenticator 6, end-user Guide” documentation.

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