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TrustBuilder.Connect (TB.Connect)


  • Login User Identification Attribute → The options in this drop down list when selected will indicate the attribute which is being used as User ID/Identifier at the top right corner of the page of the logged-in User.

  • Application catalog → Select the Service Providers to be included in the application catalog page. The application catalog can be reached on /idhub/authenticate/applicationcatalog/builtin 

  • Cache:

    • User Threshold: This specifies the amount of users that will be cached in memory.  

    • User Cache Retention: This specifies the time a user will be kept in memory. 

It's recommended not to put both these values too high, as they may result in memory issues.

  • Security

    • Redirect Whitelist: When a request is received, it may contain a redirect to an external application or resource. This is the whitelist of hostnames/domains that will be accepted. It is possible to use regular expressions.

  • Rules → Enable wildcards & path parameters: Enables the usage of wildcards and path parameters in application rule definitions.

    • For example: input /abc/def/ghi matches /abc/d*/ghi 

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