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Transactional adapter

The Transaction adapter can be used to make a batch of diverse requests to a specific adapter. For example in order to send a ldapmodify together with an ldapmodifypassword requests this adapter can be used to send them in 1 go. If the adapter is transaction-aware (currently only jdbc) this will be done in a single transaction.


A keystore is required in your TB_HOME in order to generate secure private keys. When adding the otp adapter via the gui the key is automatically added into the keystore.



Unique name assigned to this adapter; the name is used to reference the adapter in the workflow. The ID has following requirements:

  • START with a letter or _ (underscore)

  • FOLLOWED by a combination of following characters: Letter, Number, '.' (dot), '-' (dash), '_' (underscore)

  • AdapterRef The ID of the adapter to be batched

Workflow Settings

A request for the adapter is prepared by specifying the following properties/scripts in the adapter activity:

  • Input Property: the variable containing the instructions the adapter have to execute

  • Output Property: the variable the adapter will store the response in after execution

  • Before Adapter Script: script that will be executed before calling the adapter

  • After Adapter Script: script that will be executed after the adapter fulfilled its task

Request - API



Response - API

Common Properties

The response API can be applied to the variable specified in the "output property" (see "Workflow Settings"): to verify whether the action performed by the adapter was successful, to query for the data returned by the adapter.

All responses have four properties in common:

  • status Status flag indicating whether the response is ok (0) or not (1).

  • substatus Response specific number indicating what the problem was, eg. http status code

  • message Response specific message in case there was a problem (can be null)

  • rc Return Code, a human readable code based on the substatus

Adapter Specific Properties

  • size Property containing the number of responses (normally the same as the number of requests)

  • getResponses() Function returning an array with all responses

  • getResponse(number) Function returning the n-th response

Response Codes

If all is ok, the status is zero, for non-zero statusses you can find the description below.


Example 1 : Generation


    tb.ocspRequest('base64 of x509cert1'),
    tb.ocspRequest('base64 of x509cert2')


function ldapwinadAfterSearch(workItem) {
    var returned = workItem.response;
    log(returned, "Aftersearch");
    if(returned.status == 0){ // all ocsp requests returned
        // do something else
        for(var i = 0;i<returned.size;i++){
            var response = returned.getResponse(i);
            tb.log('Response '+i+' was '+response.status);

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