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Services Tab

Services are comprised of Java code that can be used in scripts enabling more complex functionality.

Some services can also be used as endpoints to accept incoming requests such as the LDAP or Radius service.

All types of services, endpoint or normal, are configured in the TrustBuilder Administrator in the same manner.

There are a number of pre-packaged services that come with TB. Connect refer to the services documentation.

Add a New Service

To add a new service click the Add Service button.

Complete the form and click the Save Service button.

Field Name




This is the id that is used to reference the service from within a script when calling tb.getService("thisID");



This is the Java type a full package and class name.
Refer to the services documentation for the pre-packaged types for examples.


Should be a Singleton

If there is to be only one instance of this class created on the server and used by each request


Should be Synchronised

Lock the use of this class so it can only be accessed by one thread at a time


Service Properties

These are properties that are passed to the service such as charSet for the DomTai service

by some services

Edit a Service

To edit a service click the Edit button beside the service in the list. The add form will then be presented with the values populated.

Note that the ID cannot be edited as this is a reference to the service within the configuration.

Delete a Service

To delete a service click the Delete button beside the service in the list.

The deletion of a service is final, there is no undo.

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